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* Thưởng lảm tranh Những bức tranh tuyệt vời với cách dùng màu sắc tân kỳ in sâu vào lòng.

Wá tuyt vi...
cho xin đ làm ca riêng..!
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Những bức tranh tuyệt vời với cách dùng màu sắc tân kỳ in sâu vào lòng.

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                                                                                          Click to get the codes for this image. This beautiful comment shows a spectacular sunrise reflected in an animated pool. The comment reads: Have a Beautiful Sunday!

                                                                                         Mi thưởng lãm tranh ca ha sĩ 
                                                              Đng Văn Can , sinh năm 1957  ti An
                                                              Đc , qun Long H tnh Vĩnh Long , 
                                                              tài liu ca L.Koledova (Jun,14,2016)
                                                                                                   Thân ái .
                                                                                         Nguyn Tn Thun.

Dang Can, 1957 | Landscape/Figurative painter

VIETNAM IDOL KIDS 2016 - GALA 1 - CÒN THƯƠNG RAU ĐẮNG MỌC SAU HÈ - HỒ VĂN CƯỜNG - Duration: 7:26. Thần Tượng Âm Nhạc Nhí 12,274,634 ...

The Vietnamese painter Dang Van Can was born in 1957 in An Duc commune, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province, the place is located along riverside of Mekong river in Vietnam. He showed an early talent in drawing and painting. He commenced to art works since 1976 with main job as a illustrator for local newspaper and magazine.
Dang Can is a member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
He has many paintings in Private Collection in many countries.

For that, step by step, it has brought him to the public who like to take the delight in art.
His style of painting is not only very soft, deep but also very attractive in the peacefulness of Mekong Delta. His paintings bring a full and semplice dream, to be imbrued with poetry, high-faluting but also reality. The main subject throughout his works are the landscapes in peaceful countryside of Mekong delta, the school girl in Aodai, the daily changing of local residents. It’s really simple but also very lovely.

Beside painting, he is also a composer/ designer in art of ceramics. He used to take part time job for Art Ceramic Workshop in Vinh Long where the art ceramic products are famous for exporting to many countries in the world.
Looking Can’s art works, we couldn’t stand taking emotionless or nonchalant because he took us to the natural living in the lower section of Mekong river. He wants to show us the human conditions, the sublimates of daily living as well as the lovely sceneries and the reform of our country day by day.
Time to time he will show us more beautiful paintings and he is also a great artist in the Mekong Delta area.

Exhibitions and Awards
1996: Local Exh. held in Vinh Long - Art work: The building worker - Enc. award;
1998: Zone No. 8th Mekong delta  - National Exh. - Art work: The green cages - Enc. Award;
2001: Zone No.8th Mekong delta - National Exh. Art work: The green dream - A Prize;
2003: Zone No.8th Mekong delta - National Exh. Art work: The rest of donor - C Prize;
2004: Zone No.8th Mekong delta - National Ext.Art;
2006: Zone No. 8th Mekong delta - National Exh. Art work: Closing mud.- C Prize;
2006: National exhibition of period 5 year 2001-2006 held at HCM Fine Arts Museum;
2007: Zone No. 8th Mekong delta - National Exh. Art work: a Green message.- 2nd Prize;
2007: Group exhibition - October - "Echo of time" with artist Le Trieu Dien at Phuong Mai Galerry, HCM city;
2008: Zone No.8th Mekong delta - National Exh. Art work: Waiting - B Prize - Collected by Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi;
2009, June: Group exhibition "A moment of Mekong Delta" with artist Chieu Dong at Phuong Mai Gallery, HCMCity.



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