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Zưới đây là những hình người "có thật" 9 Women Your Won’t Believe Are Real!

 Zưới đây là những hình người
 "có thật"        

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Subject: 9 Women Your Won’t Believe Are Real!

Here are 9 women your won’t believe are real, but are living regular  
lives just like you and me.

crazy tatoo

Valeria Lukyanova– The Human Barbie as she likes to call herself is a 
girl from Russia who has spent the majority of her life trying to appear “barbie-like.”

Mikel Ruffinelli– This lady has the largest hips on record of any lady on the planet. She has a waist of 40 inches, 
but a circumference around her hips of over 8 feet. That’s way taller than the average professional basketball player! 
It’s unbelievable. She’s only 5’4” tall, and weighs around 400 pounds. 


          Jyoti Amge—This teeny tiny little lady is considered one of the smallest in the whole world at less than two feet tall.

          Chris Walton– Look fake?  Nope, these nails are nothing but natural!  Each nail measures somewhere between 1-3 feet giving her a total of 19 feet of nails.  She paints her nails colors of the rainbow and claims she can do everything from playing the piano to golfing…
The Dutchess - Longest Fingernails Guinness World Records 2013 Photo Credit: Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records

          Abigail and Brittany Hensel– These ladies are truly special, and one of the only set living in the world today. 
They are conjoined twins. Basically when you look at a picture of them, they look like a two headed woman. 
They each have their own set of organs in the form of one single body with two separate heads. 
Charity Pierce– This is considered to be the largest woman weight-wise in the world. It’s really quite astounding that at 790 pounds she is even alive.
Asha Mandela– This lady has the longest hair in the entire world. She’s like a modern day retelling of the story, “Rapunzel.” Her hair is 19.5 feet long, she lives in New York, and is about 50 years old.
Julia Gnuse– She is by far the most tattooed woman in the world.

          Woman Bodybuilders:



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