Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Những kiễu tóc -- dành cho cã nam lẫn nữ --

Những kiễu tóc -- dành cho cã nam lẫn nữ -- được thực-hiện bỡi những nghệ-sĩ (chuyên viên) đầy sáng tạo ... hiếm thấy trong thế zới về trang-điễm.

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 When you think about it, there's a whole lot that you can do with your hair that most of us never come close to trying. These are some of the craziest and most creative haircuts. 
  • Gecko Haircut
  • Gecko Haircut
  • Spider Haircut
  • Up Hairstyle
  • Tomato Haircut
  • Dali Haircut
  • Bear Hair
  • Face Haircut
  • Hands Haircut
  • Pineapple Haircut
  • Robin Williams Haircut
  • Tennis Ball Haircut
  • Nested
  • Lady Gaga's Hat Made Of Her Hair
  • Tim Duncan Haircut


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