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10 Most Extreme Places on Earth


Mười dịa diễm zưới ni chiếm yếu-tố tối-đa/tột kùng trên địa kầu

10 Most Extreme Places on Earth

Here is a list of the most extreme places on Earth! From the hottest to the coldest place, from the highest to the lowest and many more!
Extreme Places
Lut Desert (Iran): hottest place on Earth at 159 °F (71 °C)
Sa mạc Lut kũa Iran nóng dến 159 dộ F = 71 dộ C

Extreme Places 

Mt. Chimborazo (Ecuador): highest point above Earth's center at 20,703 feet (6,310 m) above sea level

Ngọn núi Chimborazo ỡ Ecuador kao nhất ỡ trung tâm quã dất:
20,703 ft = 6.310 km trên mặt biễn 
Extreme Places

Ecuadorians find pride in this interesting fact. Nonetheless, Chimborazo cannot compare in difficulty, lack of oxygen, nor in fame, to Mount Everest. (Link | Photo)
Núi Everett thì dược xem là kao nhất thế zới ..nhưng núi  Chimborazo ỡ Ecuador thì được koai là kao hơn vì nó nằm ngay ỡ trung tâm quã đất.

Tristan de Cunha (UK): most remote inhabited archipelago on Earth at 2,000 miles from the nearest continent
Kái dão Cunha dược xem là nơi sinh sống lẽ loi nhất thế zới vì nó kách xa 2,000 miles với lục địa gần nhất.

Extreme Places

The most remote inhabited island group in the world, Tristan de Cunha in the southern Atlantic Ocean, is so tiny its main island has no airstrip. Home to 272 people sharing just 8 surnames, inhabitants suffer from hereditary complaints like asthma and glaucoma. Annexed by the United Kingdom in the 1800s, the island's inhabitants have a British postal code and, while they can order things online, it takes a very long time for their orders to arrive. But then, that's the trade off for having your own island settlement some 2,000 miles from the nearest continent. (Link | Photo)

Angels Falls (Venezuela): Earth's highest waterfall with 3230 feet (984 m) in height
Thác nước Angel (Thiên Thần) thuộc Venezuela được xem là kao nhất thế zới: 3230 ft = 984 m.

Extreme Places

Oymyakon (Russia): coldest inhabited place on Earth at −96.2 °F (−71.2 °C)
Oymyakon thuộc Nga là dịa điễm lạnh nhất trên mặt dất
 với tiết-độ: -96.2 F = -71.2 C

Extreme Places

The lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth was -129 °F in 1983, at the Russian Base Vostok in Antarctica.
Tiết dộ thấp nhất dược ghi nhận trên quã đất là -129 F vào năm 1983 tại căn cứ Vostok cũa Nga ỡ Nam Kực.

The Dry Valleys (Antarctica): driest place on Earth
Địa điễm khô khan nhất trên quã đất là The Dry Valleys (Nam K

Extreme Places 
Dã 2 triệu năm ni, khôn g có zọt nước mưa !!
One interior region of the Antarctic is known as The Dry Valleys. These valleys have not seen rainfall in over two million years.
With the exception of one valley, whose lakes are briefly filled with water by inland flowing rivers during the summer, the Dry Valleys contain no moisture (water, ice, or snow). The reasons why the Dry Valleys exist are the 200 mph Katabatic down winds which evaporate all moisture. The dry valleys are strange: except for a few steep rocks they are the only continental part of Antarctica devoid of ice. Located in the Trans-Antarctic Range, they correspond to a mountain area where evaporation (or rather, sublimation) is more important than snowfall, thus all the ice disappears, leaving dry barren land.

Another driest place is the Atacama Desert in Chile, some parts of which have received absolutely zero precipitation in centuries. Parts of the Atacama Desert may actually exceed the dryness of most of Antarctica, though data from the latter is insufficient to tell.

Marianas Trench (Indonesia and Japan): lowest point on Earth at 35,840 feet (10,924 m) below sea level
Marianas Trench ỡ zữa Nam Zương và Nhật Bãn .. dó là địa điễm thấp nhất kũa quã dất: 35,840 ft = 10.924 km zưới mặt biễn.

Extreme Places
Nếu đem hòn núi Everett dặt vào lỗ sâu nhất thì từ mặt biễn xuống dến dĩnh Everett fãi còn khoãng 1 mile nữa.

 the deepest point in Earth's oceans. The bottom there is 10,924 meters (35,840 feet) below sea level. If Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth, were placed at this location it would be covered by over one mile of water. The only people to have ever explored this trench were Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh. At the bottom they were seven miles down and all around them eight tons of pressure. They observed fish, shrimp and other creatures living on the bottom of the sea floor. (Link | Photo)
Tại dáy chỗ sâu, áp lực nước là 8 tấn .. Rứa mà vẫn kó các sinh vật như ká, tôm và các sinh vật khác sống zưới nớ.

Cherrapunji (India): wettest place on Earth
Chỗ ẫm ướt nhất trên quã dất là: Cherrapunji ..cũa Ấn Dộ
Extreme Places

Cherrapunji, North-Eastern India is thought for many years to be the wettest place in the world. Here 10,820mm rain falls on average in a year. Unlike Colombia where the rain falls throughout the whole year, Cherrapunji gets most of its rain during the 'south-west monsoon', or wet season, between June and August. Cherrapunji does hold the record for the wettest month on record, recording 9,296mm in July 1861. Actually, between 1860 and 1862 Cherrapunji was incredibly wet; between August 1st 1860 and July 31st 1861 (which overlaps parts of 2 wet seasons) 26,467mm rain fell. In the calendar year 1861 22,987mm rain fell, of which 22,454 fell between April and September.

Mount Thor (Canada): Earth's greatest vertical drop
Núi Thor kũa Canada kó vách zựng đứng nhất cũa quã dất

Extreme Places

Mount Thor, in Auyuittuq National Park on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, presents a 4,100 foot pure vertical drop. Mt. Thor is Canada's most famous peak, and it's made of pure granite. It's a favorite of thrill seekers and climbers. Mount Thor was first climbed in 1953 by an Arctic Institute of North America team. There have been a few recent rappel expeditions, with one fatality in 2006. (Link)

Dead Sea (Jordan): Earth's lowest elevation at 1,385 ft (422 mt)
 below sea level
Biễn Chết (Dead Sea) kũa Jordan là diễm thấp nhất kũa quã dất:
1,385 ft = 422 mét zưới mặt bễ.

Extreme Places

The Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on Earth's surface on dry land, its surface and shores are 422 meters (1,385 ft) below sea level. On the border of Jordan and Israel, the road around the Dead Sea also happens to be the lowest road on Earth.
Famous for its salinity (over ten times that of the Mediterranean Sea), the Dead Sea is said to be home of the first health retreat. Because of the extreme salt content, no life can survive in the sea, hence the name.
Zung tích muối ỡ Dead Sea là gấp hơn 10 lần kũa Dịa Trung Hãi. Không con vật nào kó thễ sống dược trong môi trường ni ..vì rứa mà dược dặt tên là Biễn Chết !!       

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