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Nước Uzbekistan

From: Fanxico Tran
Subject:  Nước Uzbekistan

Region: Central Asia
Area Total: km2
Coast Line: Doubly landlocked country
Capital: Tashkent
What does doubly landlocked country mean?
A landlocked country surrounded only by other landlocked countries may be called a "doubly landlocked" country.
A person in such a country has to cross at least two borders to reach a coastline.
There are currently two such countries in the world:
Liechtenstein in Central Europe surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.
Uzbekistan in Central Asia surrounded by Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Independence Square, Tashkent
The Amir Timur Monument in Tashkent. National hero of the Uzbeks
Timur, historically known as Tamerlane was a Turkic ruler. He conquered West, South and Central Asia and founded the Timurid dynasty.
He was the grandfather of Ulugh Beg, who ruled Central Asia from 1411 to 1449 and the great-great-great-grandfather of Babur Beg, founder of the Mughal Empire, which ruled South Asia for centuries
The Museum of History of Timurids
Interior of Timur's mausoleum
The Khast Iman mosque in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Navoi Theater.Tashkent
Prince Romanov Palace in Tashkent
Memorial to the victims of the earthquake in Tashkent in 1966

Khiva Islam Khodja minaret
View of Khiva from Islam Khodja minaret
Interior of Juma Mosque.Khiva
Monument to Al-Khorezmi.Khiva - the founder of algebra
Abu Abdallah (or Abu Jafar) Muhammad ibn Musa al Khorezmi (783-850) was Central Asian mathematician, astronomer, historian, geographer, as well as one of the greatest scientists of the Middle Ages.
Architectural gem in the city of Khiva

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