Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tiễu bang Ohio


Region: North America
Area Total: 9,826,675km2
Coast Line: Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
Capital: Washington DC

Museum, Cincinatti
People Bridge, Cincinatti
Balluminaria, Cincinatti
Cincinnatus- it was a prime example of republican virtues.
The Museum of Art, Cleveland
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Jacobs Field in Cleveland, home of the Cleveland Indians
Cleveland Dam
War Memorial, Cleveland, Ohio
The Amish
The Amish are a religious and cultural group from German-speaking Switzerland and settled in America in the eighteenth century. Anabaptists and practice are quite orthodox Christianity, they are known for their curious lifestyle and total refusal to adopt the existing facilities do not use cars, no phones, no electricity, in order are small details of your lifestyle. Pictured is the main transport system, the buggi. In their families speak a German former transmitted from parents to children. They were well known since 1985 for the film starring Harrison Ford, "Last Witness", which is well described some of its values, religion, pacifism, solidarity, simplicity etc.

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