Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chàng họa sĩ John Pugh New 3D

Chàng họa sĩ John Pugh dang áp zụng kỹ thuật hội họa 3D (3 chiều đễ tạo chiều sâu) trên kác bức tường -- chớ không fãi trên mặt đường như các họa sĩ từ trước dến nay dã biễu ziễn --
John Pugh's New 3D MuralsArtist John Pugh Does It Again And Again!

mime-attachment 151.jpeg
Main Street , Los Gatos , California . Even the woman peering into the ruin is part of the mural.

mime-attachment 152.jpeg
Taylor Hall, California State University , Chico , California . The Doric-style columns are actually nothing but paint.

mime-attachment 153.jpeg
Honolulu , Hawaii . This mural took two months of studio work to plan and another six months to execute with the help of 11 other artists. Featured are Queen Liliuokalani, the last monarch of the Hawaiian Islands ,and Duke Kahanamoku, the ultimate father of surfing. Even the stairs and of course, the sightseers, are part of the mural. Hard to believe this isn't 3-D. Check out the wave at the top. The fake skylight. Wow!

mime-attachment 154.jpeg
This mural at the Cafe Trompe L'oeil, San Jose , California , is entitled "Art Imitating Life Imitating Art Imitating Life."This customer doesn't leave at closing time. And, there is no doorway or stairs to go through or climb... and the statue never needs dusting.

mime-attachment 155.jpeg
Twenty-nine Palms, California . Valentine the bull and a patient buzzard are waiting for the artist to awake. No way... yep, way. This is all painting. Check along the base of the wall and you can see the seam between the vertical wall and the paved parking lot. How real can it get. Just outstanding.

mime-attachment 156.jpeg
Looks like a nice spot to rest your weary feet on a sidewalk in front of the Sarasota County Health Center, Florida.

mime-attachment 157.jpeg
Bay in a Bottle, Santa Cruz , California .. The passerby is part of the mural.

mime-attachment 158.jpeg
"Slowin' Down to Take a Look" in Winslow , Arizona .. Included, of course, is "a girl, my lord, in a flat bed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me."

mime-attachment 159.jpeg
Artist John Pugh

Some say he has a screw loose...
Don't you wish you did, too?

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