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Cool Living: Private Home Theaters


Các bn tin kũa zư zt thì cn zì di xem xinê .. Nhà Hát !?
Hãy nhà ..thuê chuyên viên xây zng cái goi là "hý trường ti za" theo mu mã zưới ni ..
Ba Di (3D), Star Trex hay StarWar ..kiu chi du kó hết !! hết sy !!
Thiết trí mt hi trường ti za d vài chc ch ngi ..
D zành cho moi loi khán zã cho za dình..b bch.. etc..
Vy xin mi quý dc zã xem bn triu/t fú quanh thế zi hưỡng th ra răng !!

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Cool Living: Private Home Theaters
Date: Sunday, December 2, 2012, 7:45 AM 

Blue Home Theater
From above, the curvilinear beam work of book matched zebra wood frames First Impressions’ trademarked dusk-to-dawn ceiling, complete with shooting stars and a customized sunrise to sunset color palette that uses upward of 1,800 complementary hues. Below, the light-colored wool carpeting, imported from New Zealand, creates contrast. “You can only go so light [with furnishings and finishes], otherwise you have reflective problems,” Newman says. “We learned that through Jeff ’s technical expertise.”   

Bat Cave Home Theater

The last Bat Cave home theater I saw a little while back was impressive but this one pictured above and below wins the Oscar for best Bat Cave home theater. The pictures are from the Elite Home Theater Seats website which has a must see gallery.

Listen Up and Play Right

After 42 years in the business, ListenUp’s Steven Weiner is still learning how to put together the perfect home theater—and the more he learns, the more he sees how much more there is to know. But don’t hold that against him. So far, he’s spent nearly half a million dollars building the ultimate demo room as part of his mission to find out.

Home Theater Design by Ask The Advisors

Every design is individually created with the customer’s lifestyle in mind by some of the industry’s leading system designers and engineers. With the help of our unique retail showroom, we offer our clients the ability to test many new ideas before making any final choices.

3D Squared keeps your home theater sounding alive

 3D Squared Inc. has combined the importance of interior design with acoustic paneling in this Marinelli-themed home theater. This Art Deco theater with a great use of texture, colors, dimension and decorative paneling actually controls the sound in your theater.

Chicago Home Theater Design

Chicago Home Theater Designs, Installs and Services all residential home theater  entertainment systems. With Expert Digital Design and Professional A/V Installation, Chicago Home Theater has the A/V knowledge and experience to make your digital home entertainment an investment in your home.

Star Trek Home Theater

4 years of planning and six months of work resulted in this impressive Star Trek home theater complete with ready room and private bar. Yeah, you heard right - private bar. The main attraction, the theater, was modeled after the NCC-1701D Enterprise from ‘The Next Generation’ series and is chalk full of realistic sound effects, motion-activated air-lock doors and can even simulate a Romulan attack.
Star Wars Home Theater
Doug Chiang has designed a home theatre system that would bring alive the Death Star from the labyrinths of the universe.

Art Deco Home Theater

While it is a well known belief that geeks are not usually interested in intellectual art movements, there could be a few exceptions to the rule. The Art Deco Home Theatre is for those futuristic art lovers, who also like to watch movies in a technologically sound space right in their houses.

Home Theater Decorating Ideas

When it comes decorating home theaters and entertainment places, there is dearth of Home Theater Decorating Ideas. However, while decorating home theaters, you should ensure that you have the right placement of sound and visual equipments and sitting arrangement otherwise all those expenses of building a home theater will go waste and you will not be able to enjoy the best results from your gadgets. Rich earthy tones and dark colors work the best for wall color schemes of home theaters. Like in any other room decor, put more stress on functionality rather than just the decoration and furnishings of home theaters.
Cool Home Theater Designs
Private home theaters become more and more popular nowadays. Thanks to that, these rooms become more and more high-tech and sophisticated. Although the design of the home theater is quite complicated. You need to make it look great, provide comfort and make sound and video as high-quality as possible.

15 Cool Home Theater Designs by DigsDigs

A Great Photoset of Home Theaters

HGTV of all websites has assembled a great collection of high-end home theaters. You won’t find all the details that sites like Electronic House provides, but if you’re in need of a great 10 minute time waster while the clock slowly ticks towards quiting time,

More Awesome Home Theater Designs



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