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10 loại Cá/tôm Có màu sắc dẹp dẽ nhất


10 loi ká/tôm kó màu

sc dp d nht




the most beautiful 10 colored fishFish is a very beautiful animal. There are thousands of species of fish worldwide, and some of them are very beautiful fish. Here are the top 10 most beautiful fish.


1. Mandarin fish1. Mandarin fishMandarin fish fill the first position from the list of most beautiful fishes. These fish included in the dragonet family. You can see that it has some bright colors on its body. If you get this, you need to know that it needs to live in a saltwater aquarium.


2. Juvenile Emporer Angel Fish2. Juvenile Emporer Angel Fishuvenile Emporer Angel Fish is in second place as the most beautiful fishes. People will have some problems when they want to distinguish adults and also the type of animal is young. The length of the fish can reach up to 40 centimeters. Most of them have a combination of blue and white.


3. Lion Fish3. Lion FishLion Fish is a third place in the list of most beautiful fishes. You need to be careful when you see these fish in the sea. It can bite you and give poison as a defense mechanism. Some effects of the toxins may include vomiting and headache.


4. Clown Trigger Fish4. Clown Trigger FishClown Trigger Fish occupies the fourth place as the most beautiful fish. Clown Trigger Fish offers bright colors with unique patterns of advertising spots. These fish included in the family Balistidae. Most of them can be found either in the subtropical and tropical seas, especially in the Indo-Pacific.


5. Nudibranch5. NudibranchNudibranch fifth position as the most beautiful fish. Nudibranchs are better known as sea slugs him. The body has some colors that may attract your eye. That is why the species is regarded as the fifth most beautiful fish.


6. Symphysodon6. SymphysodonIn sixth place you will meet with Symphysodon. There are some colors that you find on his body. They are brown, red, green and blue. The length of these fish can reach the most beautiful of about 8 to 10 inches.


7. Mantis shrimp7. Mantis shrimpMantis shrimp are t seventh place as the most beautiful fish. If you have a Manti Shrimp in large measure, it is better for you to have a sturdy glass aquarium. This can prevent the fish smashed into pieces.


8. Moorish Idol8. Moorish IdolMoorish Idol was at the eighth as the most beautiful fish. This could be a very great decoration for people who want to add color in their aquarium fish since it contains white, black and yellow.


9. Clownfish9. ClownfishWho does not know Clownfish? Clownfish occupies the ninth position as the most beautiful fish. Clownfish Anemone is also famous for its fish length. When you look at his body and color, you’ll remember about the movie Finding Nemo. It contains lines with the color orange and white.


10. Rainbow Parrot Fish10. Rainbow Parrot FishRainbow Parrot Fish occupies the tenth position as the most beautiful fish in the world. Fish will be different colours depending on the phase of these animals. If you get it in the terminal phase, you will enjoy pink, blue and green as well. The initial phase will serve you with brown, green and red colours. This is most beautiful fish.

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